Suzuki launches new Smash Cool 115

Suzuki Philippines recently launched the latest model of the Suzuki Smash 115, with an upgraded engine and a GSX-R inspired design.  Targeted at a large segment of the motorcycle market, particularly consumers who are considering their first bike purchase, the new Smash 115 has many ingenious features that make it ideal  for novice riders.

Designed for everyday use, the new Suzuki Smash delivers higher power output while maintaining fuel efficiency.  A high-revving, strong-pulling 115cc engine produces speed and power at low fuel burn, combining performance and economy.  A durable four-speed transmission transmits engine power in a wide and accessible power band, thus eliminating dangerous partial shifts for easy operation and safety.

Suzuki’s patented PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) System ignites unburned gases inside the exhaust port, maximizing engine efficiency and ensuring cleaner emissions.  A large-diameter 100mm muffler with built-in oxidation catalyzer contributes to a greener environment while exuding that total sporty look and performance.

In keeping with the Smash’s winning record in the local racing scene, the new Smash 115 has a GSX-R inspired design that will surely win over racing fans.  Aerodynamic styling and leading-edge sport-bike appeal have been devised to uplift every rider’s character.  A distinctive high-wattage multi-reflector headlight is complemented by a rear combination lamp with multi-polygon reflector and transparent cover.  For that high-tech feel, the dashboard features a sports-watch inspired speedometer with gear position indicator.

Other design features of the new Smash 115 include a slim, diamond-type compact chassis developed for easier and smoother handling.  Its seat height was set to a low 750mm, well-proportioned for easier leg reach and giving the rider better ride control.  A telescopic front fork suspension allows quick reaction to road imperfections and shields the rider from jarring impacts.  Its reduced spring vibration ensures a stress-free and more enjoyable ride.  

Taking into consideration the rider’s convenience and comfort, Suzuki has also given the new Smash 115 a large 8-liter underseat compartment to store personal items as well as other essentials like a rain gear and emergency tools.  A magnetic key shutter safety feature ensures peace of mind as the ignition can only be accessed with the correct magnet attached to the tip of the ignition key.

Completing the performance package for the new Smash 115 are sleek mag wheels mounted with Dunlop tires, for rider confidence in terms of looks and durability.

During the launching event, Suzuki president Satoshi Uchida noted that: “With the new Suzuki Smash 115, we are confident that we have a bestselling model that will appeal to a large segment of motorcycle fans, ranging from novice riders who want an easy-handling entry level bike, to company employees who want an affordable and reliable vehicle for their daily commuting needs, to experienced riders looking for a durable performance machine.”

The new Suzuki Smash 115 comes in two colors, namely Pearl Mirage White and Candy Summer Red, and is now available at all Suzuki motorcycle dealers nationwide.  For more information, please visit www.

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